Projects in public space

The Source of the Blue Ribbon

Before the Blue Ribbon appears out of the earth on two spots on the threshold of the Al Garhoud Bridge, the introduction of the ribbon stands in the triangle, formed by the access roads to the bridge.

Twenty meters high and ten meters in a square rises a spatial construction of stainless steel. From the middle of this construction of a spatial X, ten metres above the earth, water is falling down with an immens power.

It looks as if the upper half of the X receives with spread-eagled arms invisible water from above.

All the legs of the X are, as the Blue Ribbon is, lightened with LED lights. Even the falling water is illuminated with blue light.

The legs have the same square size as the elements of the Blue Ribbon: 80 by 80 cm.

The falling water  (art is illusion!) flows through the ribbon to the chalice on the other side of the creek.

The water crosses the water of the creek, symbolising the true solidarity of the two parts of Dubai.

It is depending on the level of the spot for the X in relation to the absolute height of the chalice what the height of the X will be. I want the height of the X  on waterlevel the same as the chalice. So the X will be 24 metres heigh, or perhaps 30 metres.

And, there is room for fantastic laserlight, comming out of the legs of the X.