Projects in public space
Sculpture 2005 - 2011
Multiples 2010 - 2011
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jan jacobs mulder
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I see my non-commissioned works as experiments for projects in public space. The materials are made to last, the dimensions are manageable and easily-assimilated, and, accordingly, these works can be displayed at practically any location.

I never plan to enlarge the objects to monumental size. They are not ‘models’, but inspiring objects in which I experiment with spatial solutions in terms of content and material.

With respect to content, they are explorations of the caverns of my subconscious. What I encounter there and am able to identify I render in inflexible material like bronze or stainless steel. In these works I express my fears and my ecstasies. Mine are great fears, as experienced by every human being in every culture. And there are great moments of ecstasy, also comprehended by everyone, from whatever background, because culture can barely affect them. Emotion determines content, energy and drama, and the intellect seeks to shape them.